Termite control in Dubai

Termites are responsible for huge financial losses, be it a residential or commercial structure, if they have invaded your house then they cause lots of damage. If you believe that termites attack only wooden furniture then you’re probably mistaken, because termites can not only colonize on your wooden furniture but also on bricks and stone walls.

You don't need to worry, if termites have already infested your house, as there are lots of effective ways which can completely eliminate them by keeping the damages minimum. The first question that arises here is that how to identify them because termites are those kind of pests which are very difficult to spot. They are also referred as hidden invaders for obvious reasons, as it is true that an untrained eye cannot identify them accurately as compared to a trained one and hence for that reason you need to call a professional termite control company.

Generally there are two types of termites,Drywood and Subterranean and both look similar to flying ants which only a professional can differentiate. Drywood termites are active above ground whereas subterranean termites live below ground. Identification of termites is important and you can check out by following few signs that will tell you whether you have termites infested home or not.

  • Wood damage: If the Wood in your house is getting damaged day by day then it is the most common sign that your house has been invaded by the termites. You may find a crack in your wooden furniture or wooden doors / Windows. When you tap on the wood, you may also hear a hollow sound which indicates that the wood is being eaten from inside.
  • Grains of sand: Pile of grains of sand appearing near your furniture is another common sign that shows that your wood is being eaten by dry wood termite.
  • Cracks in the wall: If you see mud tubes or a crack on your wall is an indicating sign that your house has been invaded by the subterranean termites.
  • Expanding woods: If you see that your windows and doors are out of shape for no reason, then this indicates that termites are tunneling inside the frames of the window causing them to expand.

What to do

If you notice any of the signs mentioned above then there is a good chance that you are sharing your house with termites. This is the time when you need a professional help to get rid of the problem. It is important to understand that termite control in Dubai is not something that can be done yourself by buying some chemicals from the local chemist stores, which are also harmful for your health. It is always a good choice to find a good pest control company and get your job done smoothly and effectively.

TODAY’S, not only has the skilled manpower that understands the working of pests in and out but have experienced leadership that leads to a professional outcome. Procuring a professional company like TODAY’S for termite control in Dubai would be a better choice because only an expert can understand and identify the infested pest and accordingly work on area that needs treatment. At TODAY’S, we help you keep termites away from your house to cause more damage through integrated pest management techniques.

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